My artistic gift was evident at a young age through drawings, ceramics and craft projects. I began watercolor and oil painting at age 11, was an art major in college, exploring numerous forms of art throughout the past 30 years. My repertoire has expanded to include photography, epoxy resin, acrylic and alcohol ink paintings and jewelry creation. I also enjoy additional forms of creativity including writing, furniture restoration, home renovations and interior design projects.

After earning an MBA and having a successful 21 year career in corporate healthcare operations and marketing, I am embracing my passion as an artist and photographer. My focus is on living my life capturing the true essence of beauty all around us.

My creative background includes numerous marketing, social media, graphic design, photography and writing projects in health and wellness, healthcare, real estate, finance and hospitality.

My greatest source of inspiration comes from my travels, as travel opens up an entirely new realm of subjects for an artist. The people, the culture, the brilliant colors and textures, the rich traditions, the monuments and cathedrals, the countryside, the bustling cities, the seas, the beaches, the mountain ranges – endless inspirational possibilities for capturing photos and visualizing new art.


Inspired by the splendor of nature and travel, I can always find beauty in my surroundings. My mission is to inspire, captivate and encourage, to evoke joy through my original art and photography.


Creating works of art is my passion. My style as an artist continues to expand to capture the beauty, depth and essence of the magnificent world through artwork. My goal is to create original pieces of art as collectibles and keepsakes – to create inspirational art and establish and cultivate meaningful relationships with my clients, art enthusiasts, collectors, organizations and galleries.